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Church: Dead or Alive?
Sermon Series by Pastor Kevin 

Most cities are literally surrounded by churches yet our schools, families, and communities are struggling big time! Drugs, divorce, violence, and racial tension are at an all time high! Why? Obviously, there are number of reasons one of which must be the church is not having the impact God intended. How does that happen? What does that look like? Join us at Gardendale First Baptist Church as Pastor Kevin challenges the church to be the answer to societal problems in his four part sermon series, Church: Dead or Alive?

April 23

April 30

May 7

May 21

Characteristics Of An Effective Church

The Bottom Line Of Effective Churches

Requirements For An Effective Church

Warning Signs Of A Dead Church

To watch or listen to each sermon, click on the Media link to the right. The series is available for purchase in the
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