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This is Bro. Mark Ramsey - Minister of Media for Gardendale First Baptist Church. August 23 we had a failure of the live stream that has been diagnosed to the actual streaming computer here at GFBC. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused several viewers. 

As of August 24 many changes have taken place "under the hood of the car". We have upgraded several pieces of software & hardware that encode our services, as well as, the player that you access on our "Watch Live" for the live stream. All of this is an attempt to have less "buffering" and other delivery issues - i.e. this is the update we have been waiting for to clear up many Android device issues - and so far it has improved Android delivery. This WILL NOT rule out the occasional buffer, but it should go a long way in minimizing buffering during your stream experience. Should you get locked up, refresh your web browser; that should clear up the problem. Buffering comes in many forms, it isn't only the upload, it can be in the transmission, in local routers, wifi strength, mobile data networks, etc. We can't completely rid ourselves of buffering, BUT we are trying to deliver the service consistently. 

While we are striving for a "buffer" free experience, we cannot guarantee it.. this is the nature of technology. There is a lot that happens between our church stream upload, and your device. Should it buffer "some", that is to be expected. IF you have an older device, you may still have problems…as with technology, current trends only support the most current of browsers, not all of the older browsers. While this we cannot change, please know we are trying to do as much as possible. If your browser happens to be older, please try to update it for a better experience on our stream. 

Thank you and God bless you and your family today! We'll see you Sunday if not in person, here online! Be blessed today in the Lord! 

Thank you for joining us on our Live Stream! 

Bro. Mark