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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why does my browser stall from time to time? 

Buffering is to be expected from time to time, and is actually a result of your connection and connection speed. The signal we are sending is HD so that your picture is as perfect as we can deliver, but the result is "alot" of information being transmitted along the way... Our goal is to deliver the best balance of picture quality vs. buffering. This can also be a result of the number of devices you may have on your router wirelessly. For example, you may be trying to stream our service while one of your children plays on the Playstation, Xbox, etc... those devices use alot of your available bandwidth. GFBC pushes up three streams to the cloud, Low - Medium - High. The player on our website automatically detects your connection speed and then selects the highest quality possible for your device; you are downloading only one of the three, completely based upon your connection. 

2. Why can't I see the stream on my computer?

Please make sure that your browsing software is the lastest version. We have had complaints about this very issue, and when we diagnose the issue, more often than not the browser is old and no longer supported..

Here are links to the latest versions of these browsers..

FIREFOX -                                                                                                                                                                                                        NOTE - This browser has settled many issues of streaming. If your able and understand all this - we would recommend FIREFOX.





3. What am I to do if my stream continues to buffer excessively? 

Refresh your browser... and in just a few extreme cases a reboot is required to clear it up. A reboot of your router will assist in this as well. Again as mentioned in Question #1 - check for other devices that may use alot of your bandwidth as well. Try a speed test of your internet connection, we recommend a minimum download speed of

1.5 mb per second for the LOW

3mb per second for the MEDIUM

6mb per second for the HIGH