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Cross Testimonies

"I want to let you know how powerful and meaningful the large cross you have on your property was to me tonight driving home to Huntsville (north on 65) after a very difficult, physically and emotionally draining week. In an effort to try to generate some relief back into my spirits, I turned on the radio and found a station playing the old  familiar hymn, "It is Well with my Soul". Just as I was beginning to feel slightly better and started to hum along, I rounded a curve in the road and was instantly struck by the most majestic, beautiful sight I have ever seen. This bright illuminating Cross filled the night sky and the way the road curves right there, I was literally driving straight towards it with the sounds of heaven crescendoing in my ears. With the week I've had, I couldn't have timed that moment more perfectly if I tried! What a sight and sensation! A moment I will not forget. Thank you for having a vision for such a time as this for weary travelers. I love it when God knows exactly what we need at just the right time. I hope that cross will remain right there for as long as time exists. It is Well, Indeed..."

"When I drive north on I-65, twice monthly, I can see THE CROSS from almost two miles away, rising majestically toward Heaven. I immediately have a spiritual experience with the Lord. Sometimes it brings me to tears of joy for my deliverance fron sin; sometimes it brings me under conviction and I have confession; sometimes it just brings me joy from the bountiful blessings He has bestowed on me. Other times it causes me to just pray. I can only imagine how THE CROSS has caused a sinner to repent and submit to Jesus Christ. SO, with that said, I want to thank the Pastor, members, building commitee, etc., and anyone else who was visionary enough to see the eternal value in THE CROSS!"

“I am writing to thank you and your congreatation for the wonderful cross you have erected on your campus. God has surely smiled down on what you all have accomplished there. I live in Nashville and have a second home at Navarre Beach, Florida. It's normally late nights when I go through there, but I make it a habit to exit off so I can kneel at the cross and pray. I must say a heartfelt thank you for making this possible. God bless.”
“This week I had the opportunity to take a road trip with my next door neighbor. I meet with him and his family weekly to read the Bible and discuss any questions they might have. As he and I were driving south on I-65, he saw the cross you have at your new church. He immediately started asking questions about the cross that led into a couple hour conversation about Jesus and His death and resurrection, that I believe God directed. Just wanted you to know that the cross is working!”

“I believe y’all are the ones that put up the glorious, HUGE CROSS at your church on I65…What a wonderful blessing to see our Lord so honored!! (It is also great that you are Baptist…so am I First Baptist, Huntsville). Whatever the cost…it couldn't have gone to a better "mission field" than what it will speak to on that highway!! Thank you all…what an inspiration!”

“as you know Marvin has lung cancer and has been in the hospital twice in the last two weeks with complications from the disease. The church body has truly rallied around us and done so many things that I couldn’t get to, they have been a blessing to us. We stand amazed at what they have done. But, I wanted to tell you how much the cross on the new property has meant to me. I have come home from the hospital several nights after dark and have just been heartbroken, not knowing what is going to happen to Marvin, when I pass that last turn on 65 going North and look up to see the cross shining in the darkness and am reminded of what He did when He died on the cross. He gave us HOPE! Hope for a future and He will not harm us, He has a plan. We just have to trust Him. The cross is a wonderful reminder of His love for us. Thank you for being instrumental in getting that for us…”

“…I work at UAB as a nurse. Recently a coworker traveled out of town for business. Upon his return, he flew into Birmingham from the north at night time. Knowing that I attend GFBC, Dale told me that the view of the Cross from the sky was astounding, particularly the way the lighting illuminates it. I thought ”How Awesome!” I wanted Pastor Kevin and the staff to know that God plans to reach a lot further than those driving I-65. The sky is the limit! Thank you all for your commitment to the Great Commission!” 

"Wanted to let you know how comforting your cross is on our way home from beach tonight. My husband was just diagnosed with Melanoma and it was a reminder that God is so good in all circumstances. Thank you for your beautiful cross!" 

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