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9:15 & 10:50 am

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8:00, 9:15 & 10:50 am

Wednesday Oasis

6:30 pm

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Using Planning Center Online

Logging On:
Logon to using the information from the Welcome email that was sent to you. If you need another welcome page sent to you, please let Howard Everhart know by emailing him at That welcome email will give specific instructions on how to login.

PCO (Planning Center Online) will ask you to set up a password for you that you may change to whatever you would like. Once you login, click on your name in the upper right hand corner and then once the next page loads, you may click on the Change Password link and go from there.

Once you have logged in and changed your password, please click on the PLANS tab towards to the top of the page. Once this page loads, you may see all of the Worship Plans (or Rehearsals) that have been planned up to this point. Scroll down and click on any date that you are interested in and enjoy surfing through what’s coming up.

Listening to Music:
There are two ways to listen to music online. The first is to click on the SONGS tab towards the top of the page and then the page of the list of songs that we have done and are planning to do are listed there. (There are a lot of songs…several pages!)  Next, simply just click on the song title that you are interested in. Then you will find a list of ATTACHMENTS in the left hand column. Roll your mouse/cursor over the file that ends with mp3. When you do this, an icon that looks like a small speaker will appear.  Click on that icon and enjoy listening.

The second way to listen is to access from the PLANS tab.  Once a service has been planned, you may select the appropriate date, find the song you would like to listen to, and then roll your mouse/cursor over the number to the right of the song title.  Once you do this, the attachment list will appear. Then roll your mouse/cursor over the file that ends in mp3 and click on the speaker icon and enjoy!

Downloading and Printing Music:
There are also two ways to view and print music from Planning Center that is similar to listening to music. The first is to click the SONGS tab. Then when the page loads, select the song that you want to view. Next, click on the song title of the song that you want see that ends in PDF.  Pay close attention to your respective part or parts.  These may look different depending on the song.  NOTE – almost all Praise Charts arrangements have a required password. Notice that there is a 4-digit code at the end of the file name on Praise Chart titles.  This is the password!  On song titles that DO NOT have a 4-digit code, a password will not be required.  NOTE – not all songs have PDF options yet. It is a work in progress! From Praise Charts arrangements, you will need to note what page range you wish to print and print only the pages you need!

You may also access these files from the PLANS tab very similarly to the way you listen to the music. 

If you have any questions or need further information please do not hesitate to call the Worship Ministry Office at (205) 488-8765.  
May the Lord bless you richly!!