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9:15 & 10:50 am

Bible Fellowship

8:00, 9:15 & 10:50 am

Wednesday Oasis

6:30 pm

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Code 1:17 Bass Club

A fishing organization designed to:

  • Fellowship
  • Inspire
  • Support
  • Harvest

The purposes of the club are to have the opportunity for Christian fellowship, the opportunity to witness to others, and the opportunity to participate in various mission related projects. We will fish 9 regular season tournaments (2nd Saturday in each month) starting in February and the club "classic" is the 2nd Saturday in November. For more information call Oscar Mann @ 205-807-7724.


February 11th (Day)                       May 13th (Day)                               August 12th (Night)                               

March 11th (Day)                           June 10th (Day or Night)               September 9th (Day or Night)

April 8th (Day)                              July 8th (Night)                               October 14th (Day)

                                                                                                              November 11th (Day)