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Angel Tree

Angel Tree PolaroidPrison Fellowship's
Angel Tree Program

Did you know that children of prisoners are 7 times more likely to end up incarcerated? While they are not always poor, they are “high risk” and they need to know that somebody loves them - namely JESUS!

Thank you for responding by serving 280 children in 2016. This year, you are going to hear the real-life testimony of one of our own members who was one of these children years ago. We hope Ruby's story will stir your heart into action. The process is easy:

  • Go to Walmart and purchase a $25 WALMART gift card. No Visa or MasterCards – just a regular Walmart gift card – and the Christmas cards have already been donated.
  • Bring your gift card to the table in the Worship Lobby November 15 - December 3 and THEN choose your angel. Our volunteers will be there to accept them together. No slips to fill out and no waiting in line – a win/win for all involved – especially the children!

Join us at Oasis on December 6th to pray over all the packages that will be mailed on the 7th. In addition to the card on behalf of the incarcerated parent, each one will be carrying HOPE because each one will be carrying the Gospel to children who may feel isolated, angry or sad.

As the hands and feet of Jesus this Christmas season, you will ensure that Angel Tree boys and girls learn about the free gift of salvation, feel loved and remembered by their incarcerated parent(s) and experience the simple joys of the Christmas season.

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